Origin: The Netherlands

Sierra came over from the Netherlands in the spring of 2016 at two years of age. She is a very large female with an amazing temperament. She stands approximately 28 inches at the shoulder and is a solid 78 pounds. She has a very deep, broad chest and is a very muscular girl. Her coloring is that of a very even red throughout her body with darker shades along her back. Sierra was started in KNVP work and loves her bitework. She came into heat before we could get her over here to breed with Chaos. So our dear friend made arrangements for her to be bred and was bred by an amazing Malinois with the Dutch Police Service. Sierra threw five very large puppies for her first litter all of which have her (and their father’s) size and stature. We are very proud that one of her boys is currently serving with the Edmonton Police Service Canine Unit as their first ever Human Remains Detection Dog. Sierra is a purebred Malinois; however she was never registered with Raad van Beheer, and therefore ineligible to be registered with CKC. Both of her parents do have BRN Numbers and her lineage is available for those that are interested.