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It is our goal to provide European quality working dogs, here in Canada.

Here at Majestic Malinois we approach our breeding program a bit differently than most. We don’t breed simply for the sake of selling puppies, but rather to meet a demand for our bloodlines.  Our litters are bred based on what our buyers are looking for in a working or pet quality dog. (Yes I did say pet quality dog.) We gather detailed information on what our buyers want – drive, temperament, size, color, sex and what their long-term goals are for the dog. When we have a minimum number of deposits in place, we will do a breeding. Once our litters are on the ground they undergo a constant exposure to an ongoing variety of sights, sounds, smells, both indoors and out. They undergo continuous socialization to develop the most sound, confident and outgoing puppies possible. Our pups also undergo temperament testing. By putting this kind of effort into our pups we are able to see the different personalities develop. This is why we are able to guarantee a 100% refundable deposit to our buyers in the event we don’t have a puppy to suit their requirements. But more importantly, we have the satisfaction of knowing we have placed the right puppy in the right home.


Because our focus is on working bloodlines, those puppies that test well and have a high potential as a working dog will be placed accordingly. But just because the parents are “working dogs” does not necessarily dictate that all the pups in a litter will be of that calibre. In fact it would be unreasonable to expect every puppy to be the same. Just because a puppy doesn’t have the temperament to be a police dog does not mean it won’t make a loving and loyal family pet. One just needs to understand and be prepared that their ‘pet’ will have a lot of energy – far more than the average pet puppy. After all, it’s still a Belgian Malinois!  Pet quality puppies from our kennel are best suited to an active family that enjoys the outdoors or are interested in any kind of competitive canine activities.

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Planned Litters

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