Origin: The Netherlands

Karma also came over from the Netherlands as a puppy in the fall of 2008 with Chaos. Karma is officially retired but takes her role as head of the Majestic Malinois Social Committee very seriously. She personally greets each and every person who comes to see us. She is always mugging for attention from friends and family. She is exceptionally well-behaved indoors and out. Is social with both people and other dogs, but is very capable of setting the boundaries. She is also very patient with puppies that are not hers, and very good at gently but firmly teaching manners of which behaviors are acceptable and which are not. Karma is now retired and spends her time lounging around the property and is an expert attention seeker.  Recently she has also been known to selectively lose her hearing when our son comes home to visit! Karma is dual registered with Raad van Beheer and CKC.