Origin: The Netherlands

Chaos is our largest male and was brought over from the Netherlands in the fall of 2008 as a 10 week old puppy.  He weighs in at a solid 85 pounds, slightly down from his prime of 94 pounds. His coloring is deep red with fawn highlights and a full black mask to the ears. Chaos has held his black mask exceptionally well and has only started to grey in the last couple years. All of the pups he has sired carry his signature full black mask (males and females), and his male pups rival him in size. He is broad across the head with a powerful bite, broad and deep in the chest and is truly a striking male in size and stature. Friendly and social, but all business when he needs to be. He possesses a very high prey drive and produces very high quality pups with an equally high working drive. Chaos is dual registered with Raad van Beheer and CKC, and is from the van Joefarm bloodlines.